By Jess Polley

The most fun part of being in the Philippines and renting scooters is the ability to adventure through the areas in which normal tourists don’t get to see! As a group, we went cruising on our scooters through the local villages and up and down the bumpy terrain. We weaved back and forth through people, dogs, chickens and little children trying to get the true local experience. The locals love getting there pictures taken, so every once and a while we would stop, smile and make a memory that would last forever.

As we continued to through the village, the little, crowded roads changed from concrete with speed bumps to loose gravel. We went climbed up and up and up until we reached the top of a hill with a beautiful view. We saw banana trees, papaya trees and coconut trees and some local gave us this funky green, pointy fruit!

And that brings us to Wednesday, where both Christian and I had Last Chance Qualifiers to move into the Junior Men Semis. We almost missed our ride as we slept in and thought our heats started at 9 AM but luckily we made used our scooter maneuvering skill to make it. Unfortunately, Christian didn’t make it through as he feel on his signature front flip transfer but still rounding out in third place. I qualified first in my LCQ heat with a stand up pass moving me into the semis.

Now I have to wait until Friday to see how the Junior Men Semis unfold. As for the rest of the day, Erika will ride in Open Ladies Qualifying and we will all be there to support her! Wish her luck!

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