Looking forward to Rip Curl Cable Nationals Presented by Nautique at the Beach Club, we are excited to hear about site improvements:

1. The course has completely changed. The features are the same but in a different order that keeps a good flow. For rails, you can choose from a nicko rail (down rail), a longer flat bar, a nice roof top , the dragon rail and the small wake skate flat box. The kickers are the same, also placed the same, but their is a new kicker placed on the right of the other kicker at the end of the course.
A good point of the reassembly of the course, is there is now a smaller dead spot during the course. However, their is still plenty of room to do air tricks.

2.  Money was invested for a tune up on the cable system. The cable works A1 this summer, and reports are that is running better than ever!

Huge thank you to Julien Renaud for the update on improvements to the Beach Club site!

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