Now that the chaos of travel has passed and Team Canada is back at home playing in the snow I just wanted to give everyone a big THANK YOU for all your support during the World Championships! It was great to see all the facebook likes & wishes from back home, it really does give you that extra drive to ride your best!  Here is a quick re-cap of results:

Christian Primrose (Ont) and Jess Polley (Mn) both represented Canada in the Jr Men’s division. It was their first Cable World Championships and they definitely came back with solid results. Jess Polley won his LCQ heat giving him that golden ticket into the semi-finals. Making top 16 in the World is a huge accomplishment for anyone’s first international cable contest, so everyone slap some internet high-fives and make sure your congratulate him next time you see him.  Christian Primrose was just edged out of the semi-finals by one spot in the LCQ, but being the crazy-hyper kid that he is he still managed to turn everyone’s head in the contest by landing a front-flip to backlip over the transfer box. Must be all that show-skiing rubbing off on him – thanks Charlie;)  

Yan Tibo (Qc) is never one to disappoint and although he didn’t squeeze past the LCQs in Open men, he definitely won the ‘gangsta’ award having in my opinion, the best style on rails in the contest. It’s funny watching all the different nationalities and how our lifestyle really impacts our riding style. You have the Germans and Dutch who are text-book consistent and powerhouses when it comes to air-tricks. The British I think are defined as ‘poppy’ in their riding style, probably from the influence of Nick Davies who can tick-tock any trick you can name off. Canadian’s definitely dominate on obstacles with 100% of their style influenced from snowboarding. Guess it’s not really a disadvantage for us that our lakes are frozen 1/3rd of the year!

I was really stoked on my run in the LCQs. I was first off the dock, stomped it and as Jono said, ‘set the bar ‘ for ladies. I was in first place all the way until the last rider who just edged me out by a few points. They have instant scoring that flashes up on TV screens when you are on the dock which really makes it that much more exciting. It’s a bummer that I just missed finals by one spot but now I know what I need to work on for next year!

And finally, the gold star of the week definitely goes to wakeskater Braden Loi, who made is way through LCQs to a 4th place finish overall. Let me just say that this is Braden’s SECOND year… yes second year wakeskating, and to come 4th at Worlds fresh off his win at nationals pretty much defines him as a talented freak of nature. Ok kidding Braden! I know how hard you work logging hours at the Ranch all summer and we are all incredibly proud of you.

I also want to give a shout out to Jono Boysen who was the Canadian official. The IWWF crew worked him hard, up every day at 6am, judging all day and committee meetings until 10pm at night. Thanks Jono for your hard work as always!

Alright, that’s it in a nutshell! Until next spring!

I also want to give a shout-out to my sponsors for their continual support – O’Neill, Liquid Force, Dragon, Waterski-Wakeboard Canada, The Ranch,, The Wake Institute, The Roots Wake Series and of course my parents, Oma, Grannie, Aunties & Uncles and all my amazing friends!!

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