Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada has been contacted by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport in regards to both Water Ski and Wakeboard Nationals.  All competitors should be advised that doping control may be in effect and all competitors are subject to doping control under the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP).

 Athletes are strongly encouraged to:

-Visit www.cces.ca/athletezone for helpful information and resources;

-Know their rights and responsibilities as athletes with regards to anti-doping;

-Understand the sample collection procedures.

-Check all medications and products before taking them to ensure they do not contain banned substances;

-Avoid taking supplements (but if they choose to, learn how to minimize their risk);

-Verify medical exemption requirements; and

-Contact the CCES directly should they have any questions or would like additional information (call 1-800-672-7775 or email info@cces.ca).

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