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Canadian wakeboarders and wakeskaters will be heading to Norway this summer to participate in the 2014 Cable Wakeboard World Championships. The event will take place from August 8th – August 17th at the Norsjø Cable Park in Sauherad, Norway.

Erika Langman (Orangeville, ON) and Yan Lecomte (Drummondville, Quebec) will be representing Canada in the open ladies wakeboard and open mens wakeskate categories, respectively.Wake Canada will be fully funding these two athletes to travel to Norway and compete in order to represent Canada on an international stage. “I am excited to be selected to represent Canada at The IWWF Wake Park Worlds in Norway. Worlds is one of my favourite events, getting to hang with riders from over 32 different countries is always such a unique experience ! Glad to have Yan as my partner in crime for the week- he’s such an amazing wakeskater and always has a smile on his face!”(Erika Langman). Aside from her notable involvement in grass-roots wakeboard initiatives in Ontario, Erika has an impressive list of accomplishments in the sport. She holds several national titles and podium finishes at a professional level and has competed internationally at the 2012 Cable Wakeboard World Championships in the Phillipines. Yan Lecompte is well known within the wakeskate scene in Canada and has competed internationally at several professional events. He has recently signed on with Nike and has his own pro-model wakeskate with Remote Wakeskates. “I am really stoked to represent Canada for wakeskating at the cable worlds and I can’t wait to see Norway as well,” says Lecomte. Their proven skill sets and impressive results in full sized cable contests make them the most suitable candidates to be selected for this team. Erika and Yan’s involvement in the event will increase Canada’s likelihood of success at this years World Championship event.

Manitoba native Mike Fisette will also be attending the event to compete in the open mens wakeboard division. Mike has established himself as an up and coming cable rider in the country and holds multiple cable titles including several professional podium results in 2013 and the 2012 amateur national title. As a national team athlete, funding from Wake Canada is contributing to Mike’s expenses for this competition. Additional information on these athletes can be found at www.wakecanada.ca while information on the event can be found at www.cablewakeboard.net/news.

The athletes would like to thank the following sponsors for their ongoing support and commitment.

Erika would like to thank Oneil, Liquid Force, Dragon, Crossfit Mozomo, Wake Canada and The Roots Wake Series

Yan would like to thank Tige Boats, Nike, Axis Tremblant, Wake Canada, Drummondville Marine, My Package and Remote Wakeskates

Mike would like to thank Enns Brothers Powerspors, Oppror Clothing and Wake Canada


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